PPSA policy is endorsed by the Council after considering input from PPSA policy committees and industry sectors.

PPSA develops and implements policies that promote the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of the South Australian primary production sector. PPSA may also take a leadership role in promoting road safety and mental health or policies that benefit rural communities

PPSA operates under the following guiding principles when developing policy.


A strong and viable primary production sector is fundamental to the South Australian economy.

Agricultural production is inherent to regional development and community prosperity.
Agricultural innovation relies on adoption of new technologies and farming practices to increase productivity and improve efficiency.
Farmers are on the front-line of a changing climate and adapt to emerging weather risk.
Public investment in agricultural research and development delivers significant return on investment through productivity gains and improved sustainability.

Investment in food and fibre manufacturing will support jobs and grow the South Australian economy, while improving domestic food security and sovereign capability.

South Australian farmers are custodians of the agricultural and much of the natural landscape and water resources used for food, wine and fibre production.
Regional communities deserve equitable access to a standard of health care, education and basic government services readily provided in metropolitan Adelaide.
Sustainable stewardship is best achieved through market-based incentives that reward primary producers for preserving natural capital, rather than regulatory interventions or pecuniary penalties alone.

Biosecurity is a shared community and industry responsibility and must be adequately funded by government to respond to threats and incursions of exotic pests and diseases

PPSA advances policy work through making representation to external parties, including other industry associations and affiliated bodies in agriculture. PPSA policy staff regularly participate in workshops, meetings, and forums to advance policy positions and gather information to support evidence-based research. The outcomes from these activities are reported to the PPSA Council and/or sub-committees, as well as communicated to the broader industry.

PPSA also represents the interests of primary producers by making submissions on issues that will affect the future of the agricultural sector, to a range of government agencies, Parliamentary Inquiries, and other consultative forums. Wherever possible, submissions are published on the PPSA website and made publicly available.

Policy Engagement


PPSA has established policy committees whose purpose is to focus on priority policy areas. Each group is led by a PPSA member nominee and includes producers and may include industry and government stakeholders who work together on issues and, at times, provide recommendations to the PPSA Council.


PPSA is also represented on several statutory boards and committees, and formerly meets with PIRSA on a quarterly basis, while also providing representation to external bodies such as the Country Fire Service (CFS).


PPSA may elect to establish a range of Taskforces that would focus on a single policy issue, largely in response to the evolving legislative priorities of the Parliament and broader government agenda.


PPSA has a Natural Resource Management Committee, Transport and Supply Chain Committee, Work Health and Safety Committee, Risk and Resilience Committee, and Fire Prevention and Management Committee. Each forum has its own Terms of Reference and reports to the Council at each quarterly meeting

National Representation

PPSA advances its policy work through working with state and national representative organisations, through making a direct financial contribution in affiliation fees and through investing significant staffing resources and other forms of in-kind support. PPSA seeks to influence policy deliberations of these bodies in the interests of South Australian primary producers. 

National Farmers' Federation

National Farmers' Federation

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and, more broadly, agriculture across Australia. It is one of Australia’s foremost and respected advocacy organisations at the national political and community level. The NFF has laid down a bold vision for the industry: to exceed $100 billion in farm gate output by 2030, as outlined in its 2030 Roadmap.

As an SFO member, PPSA may nominate representatives to a range of sub-committees and may participate and represent the interests of SA in national policy forums convened by NFF, including the bi-annual Members Council and agricultural leadership forums. The PPSA Chair is the nominated SFO representative, while other sub-committees are supported by the three contributing PPSA members. The PPSA secretariat provides policy support to each NFF forum.

Annual NFF membership subscription fees are currently paid on behalf of PPSA, through financial contribution of three of its members; GPSA, Livestock SA and SADA.

Farmsafe Australia

Farmsafe Australia

Farmsafe Australia is the national entity connecting state farming organisations, peak commodity bodies, influential advocacy bodies and other groups that share a common interest in agricultural health and safety. It is the national body for farm safety education, established to provide the awareness and resources to help primary producers to be proactive with their safe work practices, to improve decision making, and to significantly decrease the incidence of injury and fatality on Australian farms.

Farmsafe Australia’s programs and activities are based upon the philosophy that the primary responsibility for farm safety rests with individual farmers, farm workers, and their families. By improving the availability of information on hazards, risk factors and practical safety solutions,
farming communities can come together to significantly reduce the risk of injury and illness associated with agricultural production.

Through membership of Farmsafe Australia, PPSA is raising awareness of key health and safety issues on Australian farms through media campaigns, advocacy and engagement with communities and stakeholders. These resources are available free of charge to be shared among PPSA members.

Australian Farm Institute

Australian Farm Institute

The Australian Farm Institute leads the farm policy discussions, delivers timely analysis and insights, and promotes evidence-based policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of primary producers.

The AFI was established to conduct research into public policy issues impacting on the Australian farm sector and to promote policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of farmers. To do this, AFI conducts research projects on specific farm policy issues, promoting the outcomes of this research to policymakers.

PPSA is an active member of the AFI, tapping into the resources, expertise, and network of this agricultural think-tank, through attending events and identifying speaking engagements to ensure the South Australian production sector is taken into consideration

External Representation

As the recognised peak industry body for primary producers, PPSA holds several positions on external committees and boards, including a range of statutory appointments. 

These PPSA nominated positions are held by nominated individuals with the necessary skills and experience, and include:

  • Pastoral Board
  • Native Vegetation Council
  • Country Fire Service (CFS) State Bushfire Management Committee
  • CFS State Bushfire Coordination Committee
  • PIRSA Participating Agencies Forum (bushfires)
  • South Australian Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan Steering Committee
  • Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
  • Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) agricultural advisory committee
  • Port Adelaide Container Terminal reference group
  • SA Skills Commission, industry skills council (agribusiness, food and wine)
  • Murray Darling Basin Authority Peak Groups
  • PIRSA Future Drought Fund Advisory Group


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