PPSA at a glance

Primary Producers SA’s vision is for a strong and viable primary production sector in South Australia, which is valued by government and the community. Our mission is to represent the collective interest of South Australian primary producers without fear or favour.


We reflect the needs and aspirations of primary producers in policy.


We work collectively to advance South Australian agriculture.


We readily adapt to changing circumstances and identify new opportunities to achieve our goals.


We foster relationships and serve as a reliable source of information on behalf of primary industries.

Our Purpose

  • To vigorously represent the interests and concerns of primary producers to government and the community.
  • To present one voice to government and the wider community on cross-commodity issues affecting primary producers in South Australia.
  • To promote the importance of primary production in South Australia and ensure that the contributions and achievements of primary producers are acknowledged and appreciated, and
  • To work with and assist stakeholders and suppliers to primary production where such assistance will ultimately benefit primary producers.

Our strategic objectives

To develop a strong policy platform that supports an innovative, profitable, and sustainable primary production sector in South Australia, that is resilient to external shocks and emerging risks.

To ensure agriculture remains a priority industry for State Government, including ongoing funding of a well-resourced, stand-alone agency for primary industries and regions, and supported by a strong public research program.

To position PPSA as the ‘go to’ organisation with State Government to engage with South Australian primary industries.

To leverage the expertise and skills of our membership, while providing opportunities to develop talent and attract high quality representatives and staff across the PPSA member organisations.

PPSA Policy Council

The PPSA Policy Council meets once per quarter on cross-commodity issues affecting all sectors, such as:

  • Risk resilience and preparedness 
  • Export enhancement 
  • Regional development 
  • Biosecurity
  • Productivity and sustainability
  • Skills and capability development 
  • Research and development 
  • Planning, Native Title and mining   



PPSA has a Natural Resource Management Committee, Transport and Supply Chain Committee, Bushfire Management and Prevention Committee and Work Health and Safety Committee. PPSA is also represented on a number of external boards and committees. These committees inform policy which PPSA then advocates for at a national level.

PPSA is the South Australian member of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF). This ensures PPSA is directly engaged in all NFF activities including implementation of the NFF Roadmap to exceed $100 billion in farm gate value by 2030

Corporate Partners


Telstra’s purpose is to build a connected future so everyone can thrive.

As Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, it is a priority to help regional customers adapt to technological change, and the opportunities it can bring to their communities – from making AgTech solutions, healthcare and education more accessible to reducing the impacts associated with climate change and realising the opportunities that technology can bring.

That’s why Telstra builds technology and content solutions, including the Country’s largest and fastest national mobile network. They have invested more than $3 billion in their regional network over the last five years and continue to invest in initiatives like the Mobile Black Spot Program and Regional Connectivity Program.

Visit the Telstra website for information on rural-based products and solutions to suit your home and farm business.


In 2021, the South Australian Government granted $1 million over two years to assist PPSA in developing primary industries in South Australia. This includes PPSA’s role in representing primary industries to State Government, including input into legislative reform, and in primary industries development activities.


The funding objectives and purpose of the Grant is to enable PPSA to:

  • Ensure industry engagement into the Government’s economic agenda and the Food, Wine, and Agribusiness Sector Plan. PPSA is a key industry member of the Food, Wine and Agribusiness Steering Committee convened by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.
  • Provide an important communication and engagement role for Government to SA’s primary producers on a range of other Government programs and initiatives, including response and recovery measures following the recent drought, bushfire and COVID-19 events.
  • Support sustainability and resilience of primary industries and producers, particularly in relation to issues associated with biosecurity, drought, natural resource management and water security policy and programs.
  • Provide leadership in the development of primary production sectors for the benefit of the South Australian economy.
  • Engage with Government and provide a dedicated industry outreach service to Government to ensure uptake and awareness of Government priorities and initiatives amongst member organisations and ensure primary production sectors are informed of developments in policy and planning.


PPSA is partnering with the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) to enable industry to be active participants in shaping the natural resources management (NRM) agenda, now in the context of the Landscapes SA Act 2019. This enables PPSA to advocate for natural resources management (NRM) policies and programs that benefit primary producers.

Through the partnership with DEW, PPSA assists the implementation of the key aspects of the Landscape Act and contributes to a number of state and national policies and programs. PPSA is funded to continue to employ a part-time Liaison Officer, and to contribute to state-wide initiatives of mutual interest to PPSA and DEW.

The Agreement sets out to:

  1. Improve relationships between the primary production sector, DEW and Landscape Boards
  2. Provide for ongoing input into key areas of DEW business to support the sustainable management of soil, water, pests and environmental assets, and
  3. Engage in relation to the Landscape South Australia Act (2019), through working with the Regional Landscape Boards and in assisting in the implementation of the State Landscape Strategy.


Ground Floor, 62 The Parade, Norwood SA

PO Box 259, Kent Town DC, SA 5071


Telephone: 08 8297 0899

Email: admin@ppsa.org.au