Producers SA

representing the 4,500 grain farming businesses in South Australia.

The voice of South Australian growers

GPSA develops and implements policies and projects that promote the economic and environmental sustainability of South Australian grain growing businesses. GPSA represents the interests of growers through:

  • Advocacy. GPSA advocates for SA producers on grain-related issues beyond the farm gate, representing SA’s 4,500 grain producing businesses to industry and government decision-makers.
  • Information. GPSA informs industry stakeholders of the policies we believe will promote the economic and environmental sustainability of the grain industry.
  • Industry Development. GPSA informs grain producers on matters of importance to their business and champions the contribution our industry makes to the South Australian community by engaging positively with the public.

The SA Grain Industry Blueprint defines the vision that the grain will become a $6 billion industry by 2030. GPSA’s objectives align with this vision, and seek to improve the profitability and sustainability of South Australian grain producers through:

  • Representing the views of South Australian grain producers to government, industry and the community on grains issues.
  • Working with an effective state farming organisation and other commodity groups to represent South Australian grain producers on cross commodity issues.
  • Working with government and industry to develop policies around creating and maintaining an efficient, accessible and cost-effective supply chain.
  • Working with government, industry and institutions to improve the technical and business skills of South Australian grain producers.
  • Working with research, development and extension organisations to identify and disseminate research priorities in grain production, handling and management.
  • Supporting an effective national representative organisation to work with government around national initiatives to support the grains industry.
  • Providing a program to include and develop young farmers to be prepared to take on leadership roles within the SA grains industry.

View the SA Grain Industry Blueprint on the GPSA website

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