State Election 2018

Primary Producers SA released a policy platform in the lead-up to the March 2018 State Election focusing on key cross-commodity issues affecting primary producers across its member organisations.

PPSA’s key areas for focus and requests in each included:

  • Natural resource management: PPSA urge that NRM Boards be more empowered and have control of both staff and budgets, and want a greater emphasis on “on ground” projects
  • Electricity: PPSA would welcome any moves to reduce electricity prices and increase reliability.
  • Mining and gas: PPSA wants meaningful consultation, more acknowledgement of current land use, proper compensation, better dispute resolution and royalty return for affected communities.
  • Science, technology and research: Farmers rely on science and technology, and want access, or lack of, to be based on good consultation and science.
  • PIRSA and SARDI: PPSA want a well-funded PIRSA and SARDI to be retained as a standalone Department.
  • SafeWork SA: PPSA acknowledge the importance of farm safety and will continue to work with SafeWork towards better outcomes.
  • Financial issues: The cost of doing business is a major issue for PPSA and all primary producers. We urge all parties to understand the impacts of increased costs from government decisions, and the effect on our competitiveness.
  • Telecommunications: PPSA urge that the importance of digital and mobile access for farmers viability is understood and mobile blackspot funding is made a priority.
  • Transport: PPSA see the continuation of the current successful Transport Project with DPTI and PIRSA as a major election priority.
  • Health and Education: PPSA urge all parties to minimise the disadvantages of those living in rural and remote areas.