The following information is intended to provide producers with access to forms for permits and licenses relating to natural resource management.  Whilst we endeavour to keep the links up to date, some links may occasionally change without our notice; if any of the links below do not work please let us know.




Water licence and permit forms


Forms are specific for each prescribed area in each region:





More regionally-specific information on water affecting activities:



Animal & Plant Control



Native vegetation



For more information about managing native vegetation in South Australia click here





Other licences and permits administered by DEW


Nationally protected communities and species


Some ecological communities, heritage places and species of plants and animals are protected nationally under the Environment, Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). There is an interactive map-based search tool on the Department of the Environment and Energy website to search for matters of national significance that may occur in your area of interest. The listings are constantly being updated. However, examples of non-marine ecological communities protected under the EPBC Act in South Australia are:





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