Wine Grape Council South Australia

Helping SA grape growers lead the way

The Wine Grape Council of SA (WGCSA) is the peak body for South Australian grapegrowers funded through a voluntary levy paid on all winegrapes sold from SA vineyards.

The Council provides grapegrowers with a voice on commercial, agri-business, technical, viticultural and environmental matters in industry, government and public debate. It develops policies and strategies and funds programs to support viticulture and ensure that the importance of grape growing and the interests of grapegrowers are strongly represented in the state and nationally.

It’s vision is for a prosperous and sustainable South Australian Wine Grape Industry where the livelihoods of Growers and their communities are enhanced through agricutlrual practices, innovation, education, relationships and culture.

WGCSA aims to be a responsive, capable organisation and to move with the times. The Council’s goal is to represent SA growers at a state and national level and to ensure that growers’ money is used to deliver real benefits.

The world moves fast. It is becoming more and more important for growers to have the tools to implement research findings, understand new products and track markets.

WGCSA delivers for SA grapegrowers through leadership, communication and most importantly access to information and resources to lead the way in the national wine grape market.

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