Livestock SA

Your strong and independent voice for livestock producers

Livestock SA is a not-for-profit organisation representing beef cattle, sheep and goat producers in South Australia.

Livestock SA is your voice on all livestock-related issues, working to inform government, businesses and the wider community on the contribution of livestock producers to the food and fibre industries.

It is one of six autonomous commodity groups in South Australia which focus on the needs of their members. Livestock SA is a member of Primary Producers SA, which replaced SAFF, and works with other commodity groups on issues affecting all farmers, such as transport and natural resources management.

Livestock SA has representatives on the SA Sheep, Cattle and Goat Advisory Groups and nationally, is the South Australian member of the Sheep Producers Australia, WoolProducers Australia, Cattle Council of Australia, Goat Industry Council of Australia and the South East Australian Livestock Exporters Association.

Advocacy and industry assistance through Livestock SA is funded from producer levies on sheep and cattle. The money is collected through the SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds under SA Government legislation. Livestock SA’s share of the levy is currently about 5 cents a head for every sheep transaction and about 27 cents a head for cattle. The goat industry is working toward establishing a Goat Industry Fund so its producers can contribute.

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