South Australian Forest Products Association

The South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA) is the peak body representing the forest, wood and paper products industry in South Australia. 

Formed in June 2020, SAFPA is a policy development, lobbying and advocacy organisation that represents all elements of the forestry value chain from the sustainable establishment and management of plantations, harvesting and haulage, processing of timber resources and manufacture of products and bioproducts.

The SA forestry industry supports approximately 13,000 direct and indirect jobs along its value chain and injects $2.8b into the state’s economy annually. In addition, around 200,000 people visit the state’s forest reserves for recreational purposes each year.

SAFPA is a Committee of the Board of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) under a special delegation.  Its’ charter provides autonomy to manage State issues, while it cooperates with AFPA on any issue that transcends State borders and has National implications. 

SAFPA collaborates strongly with other industry bodies to ensure the best outcomes for the industry generally and its’ members more specifically.


Contact information:

PO Box 2405, Adelaide SA 5001

Nathan Paine, Chief Executive Officer