The PPSA Council

Primary Producers SA’s vision is for a strong and viable primary production sector in South Australia, which is valued by government and the community.

Primary Producers SA (PPSA) is the peak industry body representing the interests of SA primary producers.  In this role PPSA interacts with the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, PIRSA, many other SA Government Departments, the Commonwealth Government and national industry organisations.

Our purpose is to:

      • Vigorously represent the interests and concerns of primary producers to government and the community.
      • Present one voice to government and the wider community on cross-commodity issues affecting primary producers in South Australia.
      • Promote the importance of primary production in South Australia and ensure that the contributions and achievements of primary producers are acknowledged and appreciated.
      • Work with and assist stakeholders and suppliers to primary production where such assistance will ultimately benefit primary producers.

Our members are the peak commodity organisations of South Australia.  Its current members include Grain Producers SA, Livestock SA, SA Dairyfarmers’ Association, SA Forest Products Association, Horticulture Coalition of SA, and the Wine Grape Council of SA.  Each organisation is represented by a councillor on the PPSA Council.

The PPSA Council meets once per quarter on cross-commodity issues affecting all sectors, such as:

    • Risk Resilience and Preparedness 
    • Export Enhancement 
    • Regional Development 
    • Biosecurity
    • Productivity and sustainability
    • Skills and Capability Development 
    • Research and Development 
    • Planning, Native Title and Mining   

PPSA has a Natural Resource Management Committee, Transport and Supply Chain Committee and Work Health and Safety Committee. PPSA is also represented on a number of external boards and committees.

PPSA also serves as the South Australian member of the National Farmers Federation (NFF).  This ensures PPSA is directly engaged in all of the NFF activities including implementation of the Roadmap to exceed $100 billion in farm gate value by 2030.